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URBAN HIVE PALMS is a mid-rise gated community that is soon rising right at the heart of Davao City. Innovative designs, well-though amenities, accessible location and dynamic environment all of these will complete the premium lifestyle in Urban Hive Palms. This project is a gated 7 building residential condominium with an avant-garde design done by an international architectural group. Located on Amazon Street, off Bacaca Road, Davao City.


COMPANY PROFILE: With over 30 years of experience, DATEM INC. has raised the bar in building and construction. We constantly aim to deliver socially responsible, superior engineering service by providing uncompromised quality and savings in time and cost.



Each DATEM Homes residences is inherently built-in with the same 7 unique and innovative technologies used in DATEM Inc.’s high rise buildings.
        1. DATEM Wallcrete
        2. Specialized Formworks System (in partnership with MEVADECK
        3. DATEM Precast Slabs, Beams & External Walls
        4. DATEM Stampcrete
        5. Bulk Water Filtration System
        6. Waste Water treatment System
        7. Solar Panels


Project Name: Urban Hive Palms
Property Type: 
Residential Condominium
Location: Amazon Street along Bacaca Road, Davao City
Total Land Area: 2.8 Hectare
Density: 7 Medium Rise Building (5 Storey & 1 Elevator per Building )
Developer/ Owner: Eco-Dwellings Corporation, Real Estate Arm of builder DATEM Inc.
Financing Schemes: Cash/ Deferred Cash/ Bank








           BLUE: 1Bedroom          YELLOW: 2Bedroom        VIOLET: 3Bedroom



1 BEDROOM UNIT: 32.80sqm to 35.45sqm

1 Bedroom
Floor Area: 35.01 sqm
Total Contract Price:
Reservation Fee: P20,000
Payment Scheme:  Downpayment Payable in 30 months: P28,572.72
                                   80% Loanable thru Bank financing for 15yrs: P26,624.97

NOTE: Price may change w/o prior notice



2 BEDROOM UNIT: 45.42 sqm

2 Bedroom

Floor Area: 45.42 sqm
Total Contract Price: P5,290,599.25
Reservation Fee: P20,000
Payment Scheme: Downpayment Payable in 30 months: P43,421.66
                                  80% Loanable thru Bank financing for 15yrs: P40,447.78

NOTE: Price may change w/o prior notice



3 BEDROOM UNIT: 71.95 sqm


Unit: 3 Bedrooms
Floor Area: 71.95 sqm
Total Contract Price: P8,324,186.75
Reservation Fee: P20,000
Payment Scheme: Downpayment Payable in 30 months: P68,701.56
                                   80% Loanable thru Bank financing for 15yrs: P63,640.21

NOTE: Price may change w/o prior notice


Standard Payment Scheme
DP over 30 months
                  : 80% Balance Thru Cash/ Bank Financing
Deferred Cash: 100% Total Contract Price over 24 months No Interest
Spot Cash Downpayment A option:
                 : 10% Spot DP with 5% Discount on DP : 10% Payable over 18 months
                 : 80% Balance thru Cash/Bank Financing
Spot Cash Downpayment B option:
                 : 20% Spot DP with 10% Discount on DP
                 : 80% Balance thru Cash/Bank Financing
Spot Cash: 95% Cash Payment with 7% Discount of  on TLP
                   : 5% upon Turnover of unit



Living, Dining & Kitchen: Homogenous Tile 600 x 600mm off white
Bedrooms: Vinyl Floor Planks
                                : Toilet & Bath: Ceramic Floor Tiles 300 x 300mm
                                : Balcony: Stamp Concrete
WALL FINISHES: Interior Walls: Smooth Painted Finish (white)
                             : Toilet & Bath: Ceramic Wall tiles Painted Finish Above Wall Ceramic Tiles
CEILING FINISHES: Living, dining & Kitchen: Concrete Slab Smooth
                                  : Bedrooms: Painted Finish
                                  : Toilet & Bath: Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board Painted Finish
DOORS: Unit Entrance Door: Solid Wood with Peep Hole
              : Bedroom Door: Hollow Core
              : Toilet & Bath Door: Hollow Core Flush Type Varnished
FINISHED HARDWARE: Unit Entrance Door: Lockset Lever Type
                                         : Bedroom Door: Lockset Knob Type
                                         : Toliet & Bath Door: Lockset Knob Type
KITCHEN AREA: Countertop: Granite
                            : Cabinets: Top & Bottom 
                            : Sink: Single Bowl Undercounter Greasetrap 
                            : Sink Faucet/Fitting: Goose Type 
                            : Range Cook Top: Provision
                            : Range Hood: Provision
TOILET & BATH: Lavatory & Fitting: Wall Mounted (HGC) Vanity Mirror
                             : Soap & Toilet Paper Holder: Ceramic Type
                             : Water Closet & Fittings: Lever Type with Bidet
                             : Shower Head & Fittings: Wall Mounted
                             : Shower Enclosure: Recessed Floor
                             : Power Outlet: Provision
                             : Ceiling Exhaust: One (1) Unit
ACU PROVISION: Living Room: Window or Split Type
                              : Bedroom: Window or Split Type 
ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS: Bedrooms: 1 Door Cabinet, Water Heater Provision
TOILET & BATH: Water Heater Provision
                            : Washing Machine 8KG Provision


Summary of Benefits

Seven Technologies                                         Benefits
1.) Precast  ———————————————Stronger, Faster Construction
2.) Wallcrete ——————————————–Minimizes noise
3.) Specialized Formworks ————————-Stronger & Durable
4.) Stampcre———————————————Less slippery surface
5.) Bulk Water Filtration System ——————-Accessibility to potable water
6.) Waste Water Treatment System ————–Environmental friendly
7.) Solar Panel ——————————————Savings

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